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I got Bored cleaning the garage… So i take pictures lol (Taken with instagram)

I found the squirtle i had in my locker in 2008 lol

I don’t remember anything that happened. The next day i went into my file share, turns out i replaced all of my videos with drunken one in the chamber. I FUCKING RAPED EVERYONE!      GTag- kLoWn507

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"All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure."                                                -Mark Twain

So i have The Art of Flight downloaded on my Xbox, pretty sure that’s what i’m going to be falling asleep to from now on =)

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1/3 shot spiced rum
1/3 shot coconut rum
1/3 shot blue curacao
For the Squirtle shot, simply pour all three ingredients into a shot glass.

1/2 shot spiced rum
1/2 shot coconut rum
1/2 shot blue curacao
Fill with Mountain Dew Voltage
For the Wartortle cocktail, shake…

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